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Summer & Fall Hours
June through October
Monday through Saturday 9am til 5pm
We are always closed on Sundays. 

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November through February
Monday through Saturday, open by appointment.
We are always closed on Sundays. 

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Arnold's Greenhouse has a NEW Owner!!

We are happy to announce the great addition to our team at Arnold’s Greenhouse! Andrew Fox, from Syracuse, KS is joining us this fall. Andrew and his parents, Kevin and Elizabeth Fox, will be taking ownership of Arnold’s Greenhouse on October 1, 2018. The Fox family has a farming operation in southwest Kansas, where they grow wheat and corn. Andrew’s mother is a native of this area; her father, Dan Gardner, still lives on the home place west of Burlington. Andrew’s uncle, Fred Gardner is a veterinarian in Garnett. Kevin and Elizabeth will continue farming near Syracuse, and plan to be available to help Andrew, as needed; they also have another son, Isaac, and two daughters Jessica and Hannah.

Andrew is a recent graduate of Kansas State University, with a degree in Horticulture/Greenhouse & Nursery Management. It has been his dream since childhood, to own a garden center! He has experience in a retail garden center, as he was employed by Horticultural Services Garden Center in Manhattan, while he was a student at KSU. Andrew is highly recommended by his professors at KSU! Andrew will be living in the house that George’s grandfather built in 1901, on the Arnold’s Greenhouse property. We are very happy that all of our employees will continue their employment here! George, Rita, & their daughter Darlita Jelinek, will be mentors for as long as needed. Andrew has said, ‘I would not have considered taking on this challenge without their mentorship.’ George & Rita plan to work part-time, as needed, so our customers should see very little change in the operation of Arnold’s Greenhouse. This business transition really is the “best of everything”~ George and Rita will continue to help you all as customers, and they also get to help Andrew grow into his new role as owner. You all also get to benefit from Andrew’s enthusiasm and horticulture knowledge!

We are so pleased that our business has sold to such a wonderful young man, who has the education, passion, & youthful enthusiasm to take Arnold’s Greenhouse forward! Our employees are very happy, & we believe that our wonderful customers will be very pleased also! Andrew says he does not plan to change anything the first year, continuing the Arnold’s tradition of offering the ‘Exciting New Plants for 2019!’, the very good quality homegrown plants, and offering wonderful customer service! The more we are getting acquainted with Andrew and his family, the more we feel that we have found the best family for Arnold’s Greenhouse, and we all are looking forward to a bright future in horticulture!

We hope you will join us in heartily welcoming Andrew and his family as they lead Arnold’s Greenhouse!

Our Best, 
George & Rita Arnold


Our 2018 Plant Wishbook & Plant List

The 2018 Plant Wishbook, 2018 Plant List and 2018 Gardening Class Schedule are now available!  

We've gone green this year, and will only have the Plant Wishbook online this year.

NEW Plants for 2018!
Rita's slide presentations of nearly 200 new plants for 2018 can be viewed here:  

New Perennials, Roses, and Shrubs

New Annuals, Herbs, and Vegetables

2,500 Varieties of Plants- Your source for all the plants you could ever want!
Arnold's Greenhouse, located in the country just west of LeRoy, Kansas has been acclaimed 'A Gardener's Paradise'!   Whether you are looking for a way to relax or a hard-to-find plant, you can find both at Arnold's.  We offer over 2,500 varieties of neat, new, and unusual Perennials, Annuals, Herbs, Trees, Shrubs, Vines, and Aquatic Plants!  To complement the beautiful plants in your garden, we also offer an array of garden art, decorative pots, and garden furniture.

For more information on Arnold's Greenhouse, please continue to browse our web site!

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