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Welcome to a
Gardener's Paradise!

Spring Hours
March through May
Monday through Saturday 9am til 7:30 pm
We are always closed on Sundays. 

Please click on Hours & Map to see our hours 
through the rest of the year

Our 2014 Plant Wishbook & Plant List

The 2014 Plant List and 2014 Gardening Class Schedule, and 2014 Plant Wishbook (the 2014 Plant Wishbook will be available by the end of February.) are available online!!   

We've gone green this year, and will only have the Plant Wishbook online this year.


The Arnold's Greenhouse Roadshow
is coming this spring!

The Roadshow will be open from 10am til 7pm (hours & days are subject to change).

Chanute- every Monday in April & May
     (Bowl-Mor Lanes, 1502 S. Santa Fe Ave)

Emporia- every Wednesday in April & May
     (Aldi’s, 1312 Industrial Rd)

Gardner- every Friday in April & May
     (Golden Goose Floral & Gifts, 404 E. Main/Hwy 56)

Lawrence- every Friday from April 4th through May 16th
     (Discovery Furniture, 2525 Iowa St)

Wichita- every Saturday in April & May
     (Towne East Square, 7700 E. Kellogg on April 12 & 26, and May 10 & 24
     Towne West Square, 4600 W. Kellogg on April 5 and 19, and May 3 & 17)

Each week, we’ll have a different selection of over 200 different kinds of cool homegrown plants!  Please come see us each week for a different selection of fun, beautiful, homegrown plants! 

We will be bringing the plants that look the greatest for that week (we’ll always have a great assortment of perennial flowers, grasses, vines, herbs, vegetables, annual flowers, and succulents).  We welcome your suggestion as to which plants you would like to have us bring to your community the following week.  However, we are unable to guarantee we’ll have a certain plant, or to bring your entire order to you, or bring trees or shrubs.  Think of it this way- each week, there will be a new “treasure chest” of plants brought to your community, ready for you to shop and make all kinds of discoveries!  It’ll be a fun surprise! 

What we CAN bring on the Roadshow:
Annuals, Perennials, Herbs, Vegetables, Grasses, and Vines in pots at least 3.5 inches and larger.
We welcome your plant requests, but we are unable to guarantee that we will be able to bring what you wish, sorry.

What we CANNOT bring on the Roadshow:
Berries, Trees, Shrubs, & Roses
Plants in 4 pks or 6pks (except for Strawberries and Sweet potatoes, and some Tropical Milkweed will be brought)
We cannot pull and bring your specific order for you.  We will do our best to bring the plants requested, but we may not be able to bring everything requested.  We will not bring a requested plant if it is not looking great at the time of the Roadshow (such as perennials that may still be dormant).

We bring a selection of plants each week that looks wonderful and will appeal to a variety of people!  Thank you for shopping the Roadshow each week!  We appreciate your business!

If you wish to shop our entire collection of plants (over 2,500 varieties of plants, including trees & shrubs), we encourage you to come visit us at the greenhouse 
(4 ˝ miles west of  LeRoy, open Mon-Sat, 9am til 7:30pm in the spring)!  


2,500 Varieties of Plants- Your source for all the plants you could ever want!
Arnold's Greenhouse, located in the country just west of LeRoy, Kansas has been acclaimed 'A Gardener's Paradise'!   Whether you are looking for a way to relax or a hard-to-find plant, you can find both at Arnold's.  We offer over 2,500 varieties of neat, new, and unusual Perennials, Annuals, Herbs, Trees, Shrubs, Vines, and Aquatic Plants!  To complement the beautiful plants in your garden, we also offer an array of garden art, decorative pots, and garden furniture.

For more information on Arnold's Greenhouse, please continue to browse our web site!

1430 Hwy 58 S.E.  LeRoy, KS  66857
Phone:  (620) 964-2463 or 2423
  e-mail:  retail@arnoldsgreenhouse.com
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