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2016 Events
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2016 Schedule of Events

Magic Money
Earn Magic Money from March 1st through June 30th, 2016
We will begin issuing Magic Money on March 1st. You can accumulate Magic Money until June 30th. This is how Magic Money works: when you sign up to be in our Garden Club, we also enroll you into our Magic Money Loyalty Program! At the bottom of your receipts you will notice a "Magic Points Earned Today" and a "Magic Points Balance". For every 10 cents you spend from March through June, we give you one loyalty point. One hundred points equals one dollar in Magic Money. You can move the decimal point two places to the left on the "Magic Point Balance" total to see how many Magic Dollars you have accumulated. During Magic Days, you can match one Magic Dollar with one US Dollar to pay for your regular price purchases (essentially getting up to 50% off!). Additional Magic Money points cannot be earned during Magic Days. We will email you in July, August, and September, letting you know how many points you have to spend and when you can spend them! Please make sure we have your current email address so you receive notice of Magic Days!!

Openhouse: A Gardening Salebration
Monday, March 28th through Saturday, April 2nd, 2016!
During Openhouse: A Gardening Salebration, all in-stock merchandise is 10% off ! Weíll also have cookies, coffee, and iced tea all week! Enter our drawing to win Arnoldís Greenhouse gift cards!
**Please note: Because of cool spring temperatures, we aim to have most of our annuals ready around the first to mid part of April. There is a chance that not all of our annual plants will be available during Openhouse. Most all annuals grown in 4.5 round pots and larger will be available, but varieties grown in 4 packs and jumbo 6 packs and heat loving annuals may not be ready yet. Thank you for your understanding

Magic Days- A wonderfully long redemption period!!
Friday, July 1st through Wednesday, September 30th, 2016
Again this year, thereís three whole months to spend your Magic Money!
Redeem your Magic Money during Magic Days! **We will e-mail you, letting you know how many Magic Points you have to spend, the first part of July, August, and September! Please note, Magic Money accumulated in 2016 is redeemable only during Magic Days in 2016. Any unredeemed Magic Money left after Magic Days is over is void. Magic Money can be redeemed on any instock, regular priced merchandise. Magic Money may not be used for services, sale priced merchandise, or fresh produce. Please make sure we have your current e-mail address so you receive notice of Magic Days!!

Together, We Can Help the Environment

Recycling Plastic Pots and Flats 
We have always reused what pots and flats we can- washing them and disinfecting them before they are filled with new potting soil and replanted. And, many of our customers have kindly joined us in our recycling efforts by bringing in their empty pots. Previously we have only been able to reuse pots and flats that came from us. While we would prefer you do all your garden shopping with us :-) , we can now accept any and all plastic pots and flats. Please empty your containers of excess soil (they do not need to be washed out), and then bring them in the next time you visit us. What we canít reuse we will donate to our local recycling center. Letís do our part to help the environment!

10 cents back for Cardboard Boxes
As mentioned above, we try to recycle when we can. When we receive shipments in cardboard boxes, we cut off the top and bottom of the box to use to put your plant purchase in at the checkout. However, we typically run out of these boxes early in the spring. Which means we must resort to buying cardboard boxes. We sincerely appreciate any boxes or flats you can bring with you for us to put your plant purchases in... it helps the environment, and helps us keep our costs down. As our thanks to you, we will deduct $ .10 from your purchase total for every cardboard box or container you bring to transport your plants home in (each box or container needs to measure 10" x 16" or larger to receive the reimbursement).