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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit Arnold's Greenhouse?
We open for the spring on March 1st.  March is a wonderful time to plant perennials as it gives the perennials a chance to get established before summer weather arrives.  Nearly all of our perennials have been hardened off (acclimated to the cold weather- some plants are put outside in January!) by the time we open in March.  Because we grow nearly all of our own plants, the best selection of perennials is in early March.   However, we have a great selection of perennials all spring, although we might be sold out of a few varieties in April and May. 

We grow some of our own shrubs, but the majority of our trees and shrubs arrive in mid March.  Fruit trees and berries are available by the first of March.  Strawberries are available by mid March.

We grow all of our own herbs.  Perennial herbs are hardened off and available by March first.  Most annual herbs are available by the first part of April, with the exception of most Basils, which require warm temperatures to grow.

We grow all of our own vegetables.  Cool season vegetables (Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Leeks, Lettuce, Arugula, and Mustard) are available the first of March.  Tomatoes and Peppers are available by mid April, sometimes by early April.  Vine Crops (Cantaloupe, Cucumbers, Pumpkins, Squash, and Watermelon) require warm soil, and thus are not available until the last week of April or first week of May.

We grow all of our own annuals.  Most annuals are frost sensitive and should not be planted out until the danger of frost is minimal (the last average frost date in southeast Kansas is mid April).  Cool season annuals, such as Pansies and Osteospermums, are ready in March.  Annuals that can tolerate a bit of cold and a light frost are usually ready by the first part of April.  The rest of the annuals are ready by late April or early May.  Should a frost be predicted after you have planted your annuals, they can usually be protected from the frost by covering them with a sheet or blanket.  If frost is predicted and the annuals are planted in a container or hanging basket, bring the container or hanging basket  inside for the night.

Hardy Aquatic Plants, floating plants, and submerged plants are usually available by mid April.  Tropical Aquatic Plants and Lotus are usually available by the first part of May.

Spring blooming bulbs and fall mums and asters are usually available by Labor Day and until the end of October.

**The 'available by' dates should be used as a guide only.  If you are coming for a particular plant, please call or e-mail to make sure we have the plant you are wanting available.  Thanks!

Are ALL 2,500 varieties of your plants available at one time?
With our huge selection of plants, we will have a nice selection all of the time, but we will not have all 2,500 varieties of plants available on the exact same date.  Please use the guidelines above to select the best times to come shop for your favorite plants.  Our best selection of plants will always be in the spring, with about 80% to 90% of the varieties of plants also being available in the summer and fall months.

How far are you from...?
Wichita:  Approximately 100 miles, or two hours.
Kansas City:  Approximately 90 miles from Olathe, or 1 1/2 hours.
Topeka:  Approximately 70 miles, or 1 1/4 hours.
Emporia:  Approximately 50 miles, or 50 minutes.
Salina:  Approximately 180 miles, or 3 1/2 hours.
Lincoln, NE:  4 hours.
Bartlesville, OK:  100 miles, or two hours.
Please see the Map for highway information.

What hours are you open?
Please click here for our hours this year.
We are ALWAYS closed on Sundays.

May I pay by credit card?
You may pay by cash, traveler's check, personal check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, or check or debit card.  For your protection, we ask to see identification on all check and card transactions.

Do you exhibit at garden shows?
We exhibit at the Kansas Flower, Lawn, & Garden Show (Topeka) and the Wichita Garden Show.  

Do you host garden clubs or tour buses?
We welcome the opportunity to host your garden club or tour bus!  Please telephone us to arrange a date to visit.  Our phone number is (620) 964-2463 or 2423.

May I bring my pet?
Pets are generally best left at home or in your vehicle (in comfortable conditions) while shopping at Arnold's Greenhouse.  However, well-behaved small pets on leashes are welcome.  Some dogs tend to get carried away amongst plants, stepping on and destroying plants.

What type of vehicle should I bring?
Although we do generally have some large boxes that we can stack in the back of your vehicle, it would be best to plan on driving an enclosed vehicle large enough to carry your purchases.  An open pickup truck is fine, but please bring a tarp to cover the top of the pickup bed to protect your plants.  We have had customers bring horse trailers or moving company trailers to haul their purchases in!

How do I get on your mailing list?
We installed a new Point of Sale system in the spring of 2004.  We will ask for your information when you check out.  We will need to get you in our new system for you to receive our mailings, even if you have received our mailings in the past.  You will continue to receive our mailings as long as you have made a purchase in the past year.  Thank you!

Will you hold plants for me until I can come shop?
We will hold items for up to three days (Sunday is not counted as one of the three days).  We will typically leave the plant you are asking to be held with its "siblings" so that it continues to get good care.  We will most likely put a ribbon on the item with your name on it and the "hold until" date on it.  We will hold the item for up to three days, but we will not be held liable if the item we are holding is accidentally purchased by another customer.  If you have not purchased the held item by the end of the three day hold period, we will remove the hold tag from the item. 

Can I call in or e-mail my order and have you pull it for me?
We strongly encourage you to plan a shopping trip to select your own plants.  With over 2,500 plants from which to choose, it can be a difficult task to pick your favorites from just "words on paper".  However, if you are do not have time to visit Arnold's Greenhouse to select your plants and you have someone who can pick your plants up for you, we can pull your plants for you.  Our Personal Shopping Service fee is $20 per hour to pull your plants for you.  The fee will be charged for actual time spent pulling your order.  We must have your order 48 hours in advance of your order being picked up.  If you e-mail your order, please call to confirm we have received your order as we do not check our e-mail regularly in the spring.  We will ask for a credit card to bill your order to.   Sorry, we do not have a delivery service and we do not ship plants via mail order.  Thank you!

1430 Hwy 58 S.E.  LeRoy, KS  66857
Phone:  (620) 964-2463 or 2423
  e-mail:  retail@arnoldsgreenhouse.com
Note:  Arnold's Greenhouse sells plants and garden accessories through our garden center only.  We do not sell our plants, seeds, or other products via mail order.  Thank you!
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