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Benefits & Other Fun Things!

5 Year Guarantee on Trees and Shrubs*!
Extend our 1 year guarantee on most trees and shrubs (*trees and shrubs listed in our catalog as only being hardy to zone 6 and roses are not included in our guarantee) to a full five year guarantee with the purchase and use of MYKE, a beneficial mycorrhizae! A 20 year world wide study has shown that mycrorrhizae enhances root development, doubles the plantís uptake of water and nutrients, thus enhancing tree establishment. Details of this wonderful 5 year guarantee is available on our website, in our nursery, and at the check out!

Potting Bench
Weíve created a Potting Bench for you to pot up your own plants, or for us to pot up your container for you! Choose your favorite new patio containers or baskets from our collection, pick out your plants, and then pot them up at the Potting Bench. No more having to worry about getting the right kind or right amount of potting soil, and you can receive free advice on planting combinations! Weíll also have lots of pictures of planted containers for you to look at if you canít decide what to put in your containers. If you would prefer not to get your handís dirty, we can plant your container for you for a fee. Due to space constraints, you must take your container with you the day it is planted up. There will be a set price for the soil and fertilizer used in planting up your containers. We recommend Sunshine Potting Soils, Nature's Source Plant Food (formerly named Daniels Plant Food), and Proven Winners Time Release Fertilizer to keep your plants lush, growing, and full of flowers all summer long! The Potting Bench is located near the Red Truck in the retractable roof greenhouse. Use of the Potting Bench is only for new containers purchased at Arnoldís Greenhouse.

E-mail Gardening Newsletter
Sign up for our FREE e-mail newsletter! Our e-mail newsletter is sent out about once a month in the spring, summer, and fall. Our e-mail newsletter includes timely garden advice, unadvertised sales and events, and what plants are blooming in the garden that month! Newsletters may be picked up at Arnoldís Greenhouse if you do not have e-mail access. We do not share, sell, or otherwise give out your e-mail address.

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Phone:  (620) 964-2463 or 2423
Note:  Arnold's Greenhouse sells plants and garden accessories through our garden center only.  We do not sell our plants, seeds, or other products via mail order.  Thank you!
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